Water, Fire, and Mold Cleanup Services in Alford, FL

When getting your life on track after a natural disaster, burst pipe, or fire has turned it upside down, Comprehensive Solutions Group in Alford, FL, is here to guide you along the road of recovery. Offering 24/7 water damage restoration services, in addition to fire and mold cleanup, we provide you with prompt and reliable service. 





professional carpet cleaning

Immediate Water Damage Restoration

Water damage of any sort is detrimental to the overall safety of your property, making the need for immediate water damage restoration imperative to prevent further damage from occurring. Working quickly to remove excess water and dry the structure and your belongings, we’ll prevent structural weakening and rot in addition to dangerous mold growth. All surfaces of your home will be taken care of with our services, which include carpet cleaning.   

Get Your Life Back in Order

Having a comprehensive fire damage restoration service is key to getting your life back in order after a fire has caused what may seem like irrevocable damage. Our thorough and detail-oriented approach will cover every aspect of the process; from cleaning the contents of the affected area and structural cleaning to board-up and packing services, our foolproof system can’t be beaten.  

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Get back on your feet by having true professionals restore your home. To speak with a staff member for an estimate on our water damage restoration services or request immediate assistance, call (561) 723-5444 today.