Water Damage Restoration Services in Alford, FL 

When your property is in need of water damage restoration, time is of the essence. Comprehensive Solutions Group, LLC, in Alford, FL, is your 24/7 restoration service and is dedicated to recuperating your property from an unexpected disaster. When you hire our experienced team, every aspect of the process will be taken care of. From carpet cleaning and storing salvageable items to reinforcing your structure, you can be sure we’ll utilize our expertise to reinstate your home to its former glory and erase all traces of what took place.     

"We don't have problems, we have solutions!"

Restore Your Peace of Mind

Our team at Comprehensive Solutions Group will always deliver timely service when you need it the most. Equipped to provide full-service restoration services, it’s our mission to get you back into your home as soon as possible. After identifying the best course of action, a team member will go over the complete fire damage restoration, mold cleanup, or water damage restoration process with you. You can rest easy knowing we’ll consistently meet your expectations throughout the process to meet your desired timeline.

Serving Jackson County and the entire state of Florida, Comprehensive Solutions Group is the go-to expert for fire, mold, and water damage restoration services. Hazmat certified and highly trained, our team is equipped to ensure your home is safe and secure. Learn more about how we can assist you and make your nightmare a thing of the past by calling us today. 

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Fire Damage

Fire and smoke damage can make a lasting impact on your home and requires a professional to effectively remove it. Our team has the skill set to ensure it’s done right the first time. 

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Water Damage Restoration

When water has flooded your home, let our team of professionals assist to ensure it’s taken care of quickly. We’ll see to it that the water is removed and items are dried to prevent mold growth. 

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Mold Detection

Mold does more than cause an unpleasant odor; it can be detrimental to your overall health. We have the capability to quickly identify the issue and create an effective removal and treatment plan.